Our Process

Based on the brief we receive from you and our understanding of your goals, we will articulate the various parameters in order to complete the entire project according to the following:

Site Visit

We will visit the project location to do a reconnaissance and appraisal of the site. This is critical to enable us conceptualize and address the site constraints and challenges we are confronted with in this scheme.

Schematic/Conceptual Design

We will create and present conceptual drawings for your review and feedback. Based on your comments, we will revise the conceptual drawings for your approval. The approved revision will be the basis of the final Design Development.

Permit and Construction Drawings

These drawings are developed for the Permit/Construction set, which provide the contractor with the necessary information for a Building Department Permit and to carry out the work indicated. These drawings shall be based on anthropometric data and geometrical calculations for the scheme.

The drawings shall comprise the following:

  • Plot Plan (Surveyor’s plan will be needed.)
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations (4)
  • Building Cross Section and details
  • Roof Plan
  • Doors & Windows Schedule

Terms and Conditions

  1. Fee for Services – Our fees will be spelled out in the proposal contract agreement.
  2. Reimbursable Expenses – These are for actual cost of reproductions, postage, etc.
  3. Terms – A retainer will be due upon signing the contract.
  4. Release of Documents – As a matter of policy, documents will not be released prior to receipt of payment for work completed. 

Negotiated Bidding

CBD DESIGNS will help you decide on your choice of contractor. It is important to keep the original intent and goals of the design consistent with the construction. Work is better accomplished with an informed dialogue between Owner, Contractor and Consultant so that the project will be completed as envisioned. This fact is borne out of our experience with similar schemes.

This is also a cost saving approach to the entire scheme and post design phase of the project.

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